Teams from anywhere in the world are invited to submit forecasts once a week for one or more of the countries. Take a look at the submission instructions and get in touch with any questions.


The ECDC hosts weekly calls which any forecasting team is welcome to join. Each week a different team is invited to present and discuss forecasting methods. Slides and extra content provided by the teams can be accessed below:

06/07/2021 Karlen pypm

22/06/2021 FIAS_FZJ Epi1Ger

08/06/2021 epiforecasts EpiExpert

25/05/2021 SEIAR MUNI

18/05/2021 Imperial

11/05/2021 ICM agentmodel

20/04/2021 MOCOS agent1

13/04/2021 UNED PreCoV2

30/03/2021 DSMPG bayes

23/03/2021 UNIPV BayesINGARCH

09/03/2021 Evaluation of integer forecasts

02/03/2021 The European Covid19 Forecast Hub